Tiny fairisle mittens project

2014-12-06 16.35.28

So I bought myself a cute cute fairisle knitted scarf from a charity shop for 50p.  I imagined myself looking all GAP Kids and No-Efforts-Chic in my new accessory.  Anyway, it was a bit musty so I chucked it in the washing machine.  Big Mistake – poor scarf shrank and turned to felt… I was sad.   But then I remembered all those great felted-jumper patterns on Pinterest and realised the opportunities!  Cue some nice scissor and sewing time and VOILA we have The String of Tiny Christmas Fairisle Mittens (snappy, I know).

I have strung it up over my knitting books (and underneath Husband’s ludicrous board-game stash shelf).

2014-12-06 16.19.20


Pen’s Pals

Oh cute little friends!  I made these pals for my lovely niece Penny. The whole project was made from bits and pieces I had hanging around (like all the best presents right?).  My most favourite bit is the tartan bag made out of an old New Year’s costume.  To be honest I was pretty heart-broken to give them away.  Good thing that kid is cute.

The pattern for the rabbits, bears and their itsy bitty dresses can be found here, on Little Cotton Rabbit’s blog.